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ROTG OC- Paytah by AngelsofFallen
ROTG OC- Paytah
Name: Paytah (meaning- of the fire)
Age: unknown (appears to be in early 20's)
Gender: male
Allies: the guardians (formerly), Pitch Black
Enemies: Pitch Black (formerly), the guardians, the man in the moon
Likes: candy, practical jokes, being warm and comfortable with bae, fire, poetry
Dislikes: sappy songs, bagels, being alone for too long, being afraid, being told no, being told everything's okay
In a "relationship" with: Pitch Black 
fear: not existing anymore 
died: of sickness 
Description: Paytah doesn't show fear he feeels it in great amounts and with a heavy heart,
He trys to see things differently for what they are,
He is kind and strong and brave,
He is a joker and an all around goof off,
He works hard to prove himself,
He doesn't leave you when you tell him to go away and you're crying, 
He has his flaws,
Paytah has scars and marks to bare of his own,
He is himself.

disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters presented in this, the only one who truly belongs to me is Paytah, the rest belong to Dream Works and William Joyce. Thank you and good day.
May 14th, 2014
Dear you,
Sleeping seems in a way, very difficult. First there's the process of going to sleep. All you do is lay in bed, flat on your back, and shut your eyes. Just lay there! What, does your body shut down when you do this? No! Especially when there are billions of different thoughts flying around in your skull. 
"What the hell am I going to wear tomorrow?"
"Did I brush my teeth?"
"What's that smell?!"
"I hope I don't drool when I sleep."
"Sleep? But why? Theres so much I could do instead of sleep!"
". . ."
"Meow! That's what a cat says!"
And so forth.
Anyway, you get the point I'm trying to make. Well, at least I hope you do.    How can one sleep with so much on their mind!


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United States
im Demi
and im slightly insane
i like writing poems
and drawing
i do requests for stories
and pics
k, bye~bye!

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