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Ron Perlman by AngelsofFallen Ron Perlman :iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 0 0 mew by AngelsofFallen mew :iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 0 2 Rick and Morty doodles by AngelsofFallen Rick and Morty doodles :iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 0 0 Drama Queen by AngelsofFallen Drama Queen :iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 0 0 Bobidot by AngelsofFallen Bobidot :iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 1 0 Ladies and gentleman I give you. . . Sideshow Bob by AngelsofFallen Ladies and gentleman I give you. . . Sideshow Bob :iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 1 2 ROTG OC- Paytah by AngelsofFallen ROTG OC- Paytah :iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 0 0 Wasabi and minty pink by AngelsofFallen Wasabi and minty pink :iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 0 0 Wolfie by AngelsofFallen Wolfie :iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 1 0
The Lone Wolf (rotg fic)
The white wolf stared up at the full moon, big and bright it was. She longed for it and let out a low howl to show her affection. On the cliff she sits howling wisps, growling hiss. From the shadows the wolf of black watches, and ever so curious is he. a twig snaps and whites ears prick up, she turns. Black emerges from the shadows, slow and steady.
White stares cautious, but ready. The two wolves exchange glances, knowingly so. "Leave." White growls, brows frowned. "Oh and why must I  do that?" Black asks. "I've only just got here." He says. Whites stare darkens, the hairs of her back and tail stand on end.
She growls low, deep, and mean. Ready to attack, she nearly pounces on him when he suddenly circles her. He holds a smug grimace of pleasure in his features. "Dear sweet Ellie, have you forgotten who raised you?" Black asks.
I haven't.
Why do you ask?"
She demands an answer. 
"I will tell everyone about your little secret, and who your daddy is. They will turn on you
:iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 0 0
The prize fight as portrayed by Gabriel
"Ladies, Gentlemen, . . . Humans. We have all gathered here tonight to witness the greatest show down in creation!" The crowds cheered, and a wave of excitement started. Monsters and humans, demons and angels, from all around had come to see this fight. Bets were being made under the bleachers by some humans and a couple demons. There was a certain chill in the air, but that could be the speaker. He stood in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand, with the two who were battling. "INNNNN THIS CORNER WE HAVE THE BIG BAD DEVIL WE ALL KNOW, LUCIFERRR!!! AND IN THIS CORNER WE HAVE THE ANGEL YOU WOULDNT WANT TO GET ANGRY, EVERYBODY ITS MICHAELLLL!!!" He beamed, pointing out the competitors with a big grin. "Gabriel is this really necessary?" Lucifer asked his brother. Who was disguised as the speaker. "Yes. Yes it is. Now stop ruining the effect--- OK EVERYBODY THIS IS THE FIGHT TO REMEMBER!!! PLACE YOUR BETS AND TAKE YOUR SEATS!!!" He yelled. Everyone did as they were asked. Michael gre
:iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 1 0
But. . . I'm not you. ~poem
"You are broken!
An Abortion!"
I may be broken,
Or flawed,
Or unwanted.
But at least I'm not you.
Angry at the world.
Just because
 you didn't get 
what you wanted.
You blamed everyone
For what happened to you.
Now you've 
And no ones 
going to help you 
Back up.
So who cares
If I'm broken
Or flawed
Or unwanted?
Your the imperfect one.
You can't feel.
You can't love.
All you can do is hate.
And I feel 
Bad for you.
:iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 0 0
Don't go! (Spn short)
"Listen kiddo, I have to leave. . .you cant tell anyone, can you do that for me?" Gabriel asked, at eye level with the little angel. She had caught him before he left heaven. Andrea balled her tiny fists and wiped the tears from her eyes. "But I don't want you to go!" She whined quietly, grabbing hold of his hand and pulling him towards her. He smirked, but it wasn't his usual big happy type of smirk, it was a small sad sort of smirk. "You're gonna be ok Andy, Mike and Raph are gonna take care of you and the others. . . You don't need me." He argued with her, lying to himself as he did. 
Pulling her into his arms, he ruffled her hair affectionately. "Gabe. . . Please. . . I don't want to lose you too." She cried into his shoulder. Very few things could hurt Gabriel, but damn did this hurt. It was like she was pulling on his heart strings, trying to keep him in heaven. But could he blame her? Andrea had already lost one brother, she obviously didn't want to lose another. But he cou
:iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 0 0
Searching Ch.2: Unexpected company (SPN FIC!)
After Crowley's lecture was finished he sent Stryker to his room to think, locked in of course. Two guards stood outside of the bedroom, incase he somehow managed to unlock the door. He laid down on the bed silently, with his arms behind his head. Thinking about his next escape plan, and wondering how he'd do it this time. He brought his arms down and set them on his chest. Stryker held the cross, which he originally had around his neck, in his hand. He held it up and twiddled it in his hands, staring at the words engrave onto it. "Stay True" is what it said on one side, on the other it said "from G." The G stood for Gail, the cross was gifted to him from his ex-girlfriend. She was very religious and accepting of him. Accepting because he didn't go to church or believe in god that much. Though he started to believe more since he'd started having the visions, and since Crowley found him.
Two hours went by and Stryker did what he could to stay awake, but nothing helped. He was too tired
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Prologue to Boogeymen story
          Rogue sat tapping his three claw-like fingers on his desk. They had claimed yet another minuscule planet. Things were looking grand in everyone's opinion. Nothing would stop them from claiming much larger and more important planets. A knock came at the door and Rogue straightened himself. "Enter Patron of Boogana" he said in a booming voice.  "Patron of Boogana" was the appropriate way to introduce a boogeyman. Do it any other way they would be insulted. Boogana being their true planet's name, though it was destroyed long ago. The door creaked open and in walked Rogue's second in command, Azellp. She approached his desk and stopped three feet in front of it, respecting personal space as did all boogeymen. "May I sit sir" She asked. He nodded and waved a hand, a chair swiftly glided into the room and stopped behind her as he did. She nodded in reply and took a seat, then the doors to the room closed quietly. "Sir we've got another planet in our si
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SPN OC Andrea by AngelsofFallen SPN OC Andrea :iconangelsoffallen:AngelsofFallen 1 0


Ronaldo and Amelia by Luna-sRegularTales Ronaldo and Amelia :iconluna-sregulartales:Luna-sRegularTales 60 19 snuggle by Shadaty snuggle :iconshadaty:Shadaty 165 31 Stubborn Boogeything~ by FoxDragonLover Stubborn Boogeything~ :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 85 40 ::: It's Dark in my Imagination ::: by FoxDragonLover ::: It's Dark in my Imagination ::: :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 53 27 A strex story by Sour-Purple A strex story :iconsour-purple:Sour-Purple 774 62 Pitch(Rise of the Guardians) by ansiii Pitch(Rise of the Guardians) :iconansiii:ansiii 302 16 Pitch and mim by TotoHiems Pitch and mim :icontotohiems:TotoHiems 391 21 Jamie's Sketchbook by FoxDragonLover Jamie's Sketchbook :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 74 37 The dark angel by TotoHiems The dark angel :icontotohiems:TotoHiems 284 20 Not Again! by FoxDragonLover Not Again! :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 48 47 Depression by DestinyBlue Depression :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 37,180 3,871 Hannibal Chau and Newt Geiszler by DIN0LICH Hannibal Chau and Newt Geiszler :icondin0lich:DIN0LICH 147 25 I'm just a KID by ILsama I'm just a KID :iconilsama:ILsama 850 188 just shut up by sharkieboo just shut up :iconsharkieboo:sharkieboo 1,495 78 'Now who's a foot taller.' by siquia 'Now who's a foot taller.' :iconsiquia:siquia 2,260 215 Chris-jack n Jude-pitch by Hallpen Chris-jack n Jude-pitch :iconhallpen:Hallpen 826 58
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May 14th, 2014
Dear you,
Sleeping seems in a way, very difficult. First there's the process of going to sleep. All you do is lay in bed, flat on your back, and shut your eyes. Just lay there! What, does your body shut down when you do this? No! Especially when there are billions of different thoughts flying around in your skull. 
"What the hell am I going to wear tomorrow?"
"Did I brush my teeth?"
"What's that smell?!"
"I hope I don't drool when I sleep."
"Sleep? But why? Theres so much I could do instead of sleep!"
". . ."
"Meow! That's what a cat says!"
And so forth.
Anyway, you get the point I'm trying to make. Well, at least I hope you do.    How can one sleep with so much on their mind!


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im Demi
and im slightly insane
i like writing poems
and drawing
i do requests for stories
and pics
k, bye~bye!


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